Meet SKA’s Fab New Staff!

New year, new teachers! Learn more about SKA’s 8 new staff members!

Meet Mrs. Drebin! She not only teaches Algebra II and Chumash, she also….

  • Drove across the country twice (only once round trip)
  • Was born in Pittsburgh
  • Has a perfectly symmetrical family
  • Is a bubby
  • Drove a 15 passenger van for 13 years
  • Loves to read, cook, and explore new places with her kids in her spare time
  • Loves chocolate
  • Enjoys Pesach the most out of all the other Holidays
  • Prefers summer over winter
  • Describes SKA as “family”
  • Loves the warmth of both the girls and the teachers in SKA

Meet Ms. Palgon! She not only teaches English and Communications elective, she also…

  • Plays six instruments
  • Loves writing and reading poetry
  • Enjoys composing music and spending time outdoors
  • Would love to visit Switzerland one day
  • Would love to live someplace with lots of grass, trees, and a blue sky all the time, with no skyscrapers
  • Likes pretzels and olives (not together)
  • Enjoys Pesach the most out of all the holidays
  • Loves leopards… but only to look at
  • Describes SKA as “SKAotic (at times)”
  • Appreciates that at SKA she has time and space during the school day to work and meet with students

Meet Mrs. Bach! She not only teaches Jewish History, she also…

  • Used to work at a bakery and got a cake named after her
  • Loves visiting countries that have a rich Jewish history, like Spain and Italy
  • Likes to cook and read during her free time
  • Loves chocolate and cookies
  • Would love to vacation in Hawaii or Greece
  • Would live in the south, like South Carolina or Georgia, where she could have a huge yard and a big porch
  • Prefers dogs over cats
  • Would be Devorah if she could choose to be anyone  in Tanach, because she is such a great role model for Jewish women
  • Enjoys Sukkot the most out of all the holidays
  • Loves monkeys
  • Prefers fall and spring over summer and winter
  • Loves how “SKA is like one big family, all the staff and students are one cohesive unit, and everyone is always looking out for each other and willing to help”

Meet Mrs. Katz! She not only is the new College Guidance Counselor, she also…

  • Worked on Wall Street for 10 years
  • Grew up in Brooklyn, then lived in Manhattan, and now she lives in Merrick
  • Has two sons, Tyler and Ethan
  • Enjoys reading, spending time with family, watching her sons play basketball and football, binge watching TV shows, and playing Mahjong
  • Loves chocolate ice cream, chocolate, and coffee
  • Wants to get to know Israel better, then travel through Italy and Spain
  • Would be Eve if she could be anyone in Tanach, because her Hebrew name is Chava
  • Enjoys Rosh Hashana the most out of all the other Holidays because she loves to “have family together and feel the giddiness of new beginnings and fresh starts”
  • Loves autumn and the crisp air and blue skies
  • Describes SKA as “community”
  • Likes that SKA has “such a warm and welcoming environment,” and that “everyone is always smiling and helpful.”

Meet Mrs. Dennis! She not only teaches Jewish History and Parsha, she also…

  • Is an SKA graduate
  • Has all the vowels in her full name
  • Never thought that she’d become a teacher
  • Loves to spend time with family and friends
  • Loves Reese’s
  • Would go to Australia if she could go on a dream vacation
  • Would choose to be Esther out of everyone in Tanach
  • Prefers dogs over cats
  • Enjoys Chanukah the most out of all the Holidays
  • Describes SKA as “impactful”
  • Loves “the warm environment” of SKA

Meet Mrs Ash! She not only teaches Navi, History, and Tefillah, she also…

  • Enjoys baking in her free time
  • Likes eating blueberries and whipped cream, together
  • Would love to visit the Jewish historic sights, like Italy and Spain
  • Would choose to be Rivka Emainu if she could to choose to be anyone in Tanach
  • Enjoys Shavuot the most out of all the Holidays
  • Doesn’t like cats or dogs
  • Loves the winter
  • Describes SKA as “full of opportunity”
  • Loves that there’s always something going on everyday and that no day is ever a regular day at SKA. “There’s always something out of the ordinary and interesting, and there are so many different learning activities outside of the classroom.”

Meet Señora Rosenblum! Not only does she teach Spanish, she also…

  • Lives by the beach
  • Enjoys long walks and watching movies
  • Loves blondies and chocolate chip cookies
  • Would love to visit a small city that has great food and great culture, and just walk for miles
  • Describes New York City as her favorite place in the world
  • Likes the hot outdoors
  • Loves Thanksgiving and cooking for the holiday
  • Prefers dogs over cats
  • Loves summer
  • Describes SKA as “personal”
  • Loves walking into the lobby at SKA- “It looks and feels warm and embracing. It reflects the school’s environment.”

Meet Mrs. Winder! She not only is Mrs. Taib’s assistant, she also…

  • Can type Hebrew and English faster than most people can write
  • Is from Chicago
  • Never took a regent
  • Loves high school girls
  • Enjoys kickboxing, spin classes, and going on the treadmill and elliptical
  • Loves helping students succeed in their Hebrew subjects
  • Has a daughter in Seminary
  • Enjoys Chanuka the most out of all the Holidays
  • Would live in California if she could live anywhere to have warm weather all year round and to live near her kids
  • Describes SKA as “SKAmazing!”