Effects of Corona on Sports


Talia Bennett

Corona has had a major impact on all sports throughout the world. A multitude of steps have been taken in the hopes that sports will begin to return to normal. Currently, many high schools and colleges have either put a hold on their sports seasons or have limited the different sports opportunities. Restrictions may include a mask requirement and strict Covid rules. In professional sports, players and staff are tested every few days and are required to wear masks on the sidelines. Additionally, the players are required to adhere to strict protocols in any case of exposure or a positive covid test. At the beginning of the year, sports were played in empty areas but have now begun to reopen with a limited capacity of guests in the stands as long as they bring proof of a negative test or vaccination. This makes going to a sports game a larger hassle than it has been in the past. Many of the ticket prices have become more expensive due to the limited availability. Every day the rules and protocols for most sports leagues are changing and being updated. Regardless, many sports fans are enjoying going to these games and the sense of normalcy it brings.