Regents In June?


Bayla Rothschild

The federal government requires all states to have standardized testing throughout all grades. New York State normally fulfills this requirement in high schools with the regents exams. This year, many students in New York state are in virtual school. Therefore, many students are not getting the same quality of education that they can get in an in-person school. For these reasons, the state government chose to ask for a waiver from the federal government to not have state tests this year. The federal government chose not to issue this waiver. Due to this action, the state government found a way to cancel all regents, except the ones in English, Living Environment, Earth Science, and Algebra 1, and still fulfill the federal requirements. This action will fulfill the federal requirement and will benefit the many students who are not learning as much as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the state government is thinking about issuing waivers for many students so that those students won’t have to take the regents this year. These waivers will likely be given to students who are only doing school virtually and who are not receiving such a well-rounded and complete education this year.