Easing Restrictions and Israel Reopening 


Lauren Zalisky 

Over the past year, while the world was experiencing a global pandemic, Israel has gone through numerous statewide lockdown measures. These lockdowns seemed to have been effective and now, as Israel has vaccinated over 5.3 million of its citizens, a fully open state is the next stage. 

Nachman Ash, the czar of coronavirus in Israel, told Channel 13 News, “We want to see that the return to studies does not cause a rise in contagion.” He is referring to opening schools- a vital extension to the plan of easing COVID- 19 restrictions.

As of now, Israel has limited individuals entering and exiting the country. This has reduced the spread and allows contact tracing. Israel now plans to test people for covid on the plane rather than crowding Ben Gurion airport with testing sites. 

According to the Immigration Authority, as of the March 23rd elections, the entry of those who are vaccinated or recovered from the virus who have immediate relatives are now able to enter the country to visit. This is a major step given the fact the closure of Ben Gurion was only a year ago. 

Additional changes were made by easing restrictions in schools. For example, fourth-grade classes no longer have to be minimized and students no longer need an authorization form signed by parents allowing children to enter school, and colleges now hold school testing.

It’s extremely apparent that restrictions due to the pandemic have eased and Israel’s ultimate goal is to open the country. By starting with education and more accessible flights, the next step is to fully open the country which is in the best interest of those even in America.