Symbol of Humility


Eliana Weiss

There is a seemingly obvious question regarding the giving of the Torah on Har Sinai. Why was the Torah given on Har Sinai, which is the lowest of all the mountains? If Hashem wanted it to be given on something low, why not just give it in a valley? The answer is that a valley is empty and has no praiseworthy qualities. On the other hand, something that is not empty but yet is humble is praiseworthy. Therefore, Hashem chose Har Sinai because even though it is low, it has substance and is also not haughty. Hashem specifically chose this place for the Jewish people to receive the Torah in order to teach them an important lesson. He wanted to teach them that in order to receive the Torah, they need to have humility. It is a prerequisite and a quality that is needed throughout their existence (based on Iteri Torah). 

In addition, Bnei Yisroel heard Hashem’s voice and clearly understood His presence in the world. They knew that they were about to receive the most amazing gift from Hashem. At that moment, it was clear that Hashem was the one in control and the Master behind everything. They heard His voice, saw the lightning, and witnessed an unbelievable event. But what happens after? What happens once they have the Torah and need to move on with their lives? Perhaps, by Hashem choosing Har Sinai, which represents humility, Hashem is warning Bnei Yisroel not to forget Him after this. We will have this amazing tool to guide us and life will be good, but we cannot forget where it all came from and who is in charge. Therefore, Hashem chose Har Sinai in order to instill us with a strong foundation of humility prior to receiving the Torah.