I Miss In-Person School!


Atara Razi

Photo Creds: The Atlantic

One of the most indescribable events that come to mind when reflecting on this year is the coronavirus. Through experiencing a worldwide pandemic, many aspects of my everyday life have changed in ways I never imagined and I’m pretty sure it’s not the end. For example, one of the most drastic changes in our lives is attending zoom classes versus in-person learning. Most of us have been attending in person school for most of our lives so learning over zoom expectedly feels extremely unnatural. While I may enjoy being on zoom for the extra hours of sleep, the shorter classes, and the lack of tests, there are certainly more advantages of attending in -person classes at SKA which override the benefits of being on zoom. 

In-person learning allows students to fully interact with their classmates, allowing us to develop a greater understanding of the subject at hand. Although in-person classes may be longer than zoom classes, students are able to focus more and for a longer period of time. Even more so, by actually going to school I find that I feel more motivated and accomplished in so many ways: doing well on a test, learning new valuable information, and building up friendships overtime. One of the most important aspects of in-person learning at SKA is the time I spend socializing with others. SKA provides an opportunity for some of the most long lasting friendships to develop, whether it is by simply extending lunch or through many grade wide programs. It’s clear that as a result of the coronavirus and the effort put in by the SKA, I have certainly gained a much greater appreciation for in-person classes, something I may have been unappreciative of or never even gave thought to in the past.