Dear SKAbby- ISSUE 1: A Mess of Tests


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Dear SKAbby, 

I have a major issue with this ridiculous test calendar! We have a math and a world test in the same week; chemistry still doesn’t make sense, and Chumash … don’t even get me started! Any tips?


Hi Anonymous! 

To be honest with you, we’re all experiencing this after months of no tests and zoom. The adjustment is extremely difficult especially since we can’t wear our pajamas to school 🙁 From my own experience, I would suggest that you GET NOTES because we all know your notes just ain’t it. Chances are someone in your class actually has some. Next, I would ask those girls with older sisters to send old review sheets on the chat- they are SUCH LIFESAVERS! And finally, just relax, watch some TV, listen to some music (Jewish obv), and if all else fails, cry it out because we all know it’s just part of the process! 

Good luck!


– SKAbby