We Are All In This Together


Batya Kimyagarov, Opinion Editor

Photo Creds: Best Colleges

Election 2020 was something like nobody has ever seen before. I am unsure if it was because of the strong feelings about our current president, the black lives matter movement, or the pandemic. If anything, it seems like a combination of the three and more. The fact remains that election 2020 was unlike any other. From the beginning of this election, it seemed that there were more people involved – an estimated 150 million people voted! That is significantly higher than the voter turnout in 2016. I am happy that the American people have been more involved in this election. I am glad that so many people care about what’s going on. During this election, people have had their voices heard and a level of unity has been achieved for those who support the same candidate.¬†

However, this election has led to many repercussions including a division where a neighbor might villainize his own neighbor because of political alignments. This election has created new harmful stereotypes and has strengthened previous ones. It has made people afraid to voice an opinion different from what the popular masses have suggested. The ironic part is that the popular masses who are fighting for our freedoms turn around and ridicule those who don’t believe the same as them.

 During the summer I heard from many who are afraid to voice their political opinion for the fear of being ridiculed and shamed. In a country where we preach acceptance and freedom for beliefs, opinions, and speech, we seemed to have created the total opposite environment. I am happy that we live in a country where we believe in a democracy. However, we as a country, need to learn how to compromise and disagree on issues respectfully. People should not be fearful once the next election comes. It is possible to disagree and still be civil.