What is STUCO?


Abigail Lampert

How do you truly enjoy all SKA has to offer? I believe that to do this you need to get involved. This year I joined the student council. When I ran, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take on this responsibility. Once I started the job, I realized I had made the best decision. I have made close friends in different grades, learned so many leadership skills, built relationships with teachers, and planned amazing programs…and it’s only November! The beauty of SKA is that friends aren’t limited to your grade. Student council has helped me connect with people I may not have otherwise known. 

This year, we have an opportunity to learn leadership skills through an NCSY skill building program. We are constantly learning new ways to improve through a WhatsApp group chat. Girls from many schools, along with an NCSY advisor, share ideas with each other. We have occasional meetings and discussions about how to improve our schools. 

Through the student council, I have built strong relationships with teachers and advisors. I love planning programs that I know my friends and I will enjoy. I highly enjoy being able to participate in a group that makes changes within our school community. Whether it’s a simple “pick me up” program or selling cholent and kugel, it’s always a good time with student council. 

This year, due to COVID restrictions, we’ve had to learn how to plan accordingly. Individually packed food, socially distant activities, and the challenges of zoom are all things that have affected the ways in which we plan. These things don’t only have to be viewed as a challenge, rather as challenges that we can face. We have learned how to think outside the box so that we can adhere to CDC guidelines. Student council can’t wait to plan more programs for you!