Sports are Back in SKA!


Atara Ginsburg

Photo Creds: NPR

As an unusual school year began, Covid-19 caused many new challenges. Many students were concerned about sports teams that they were a part of or wanted to join. Sports are the highlight of many students’ four years at SKA and create so many new friendships. It would be devastating if sports would not be able to happen. 

Good news! Sports are back! After many months sitting at home, students can now have a source of exercise. SKA has found a safe way to offer many different sports while abiding by the Covid-19 protocols. This means that athletic teams will look different . No games will be able to be played but instead, SKA will be offering different sports drills to all different level athletes. Now, students of all different types of abilities will be able to play the sport of their choice at the level that’s best for them. 

While competing against different schools will not be able to happen, students will now have the chance to improve their sports skills. These drills can be a great opportunity to enhance SKA athletes’ games. Students can focus on their weaknesses and become stronger. Students can also use this time to create better connections with fellow teammates. Talia Goldstein, a sophomore on the volleyball team exclaims, “The best part of being on a sports team is the bonds made with different types of students.” When Covid-19 hit SKA, many students lost the ability to create this connection with their teammates. Now, students will once again have the chance to make new friendships of a lifetime.