What’s the Status of Professional Sports?


Talia Bennett, Sports Editor

Photo Creds: YAKTRI NEWS

 In March, the Coronavirus pandemic forced all major sports leagues to suspend all games until further notice. For athletes and sports fans this was extremely sad. This was especially detrimental because while people were quarantined at home with nowhere to go they wished there were sports to watch. It was also hard because athletes were forced to train at home and be ready to play at any time when they got notice they would be allowed. 

The situation was hard for many people but seeing sports come back made it all worth it in the end. People were so excited when these leagues were finally able to play again. In July, the NBA was able to create a bubble in Orlando where they were able to play games safely with daily testing and health check ins. They continued their season and were able to successfully stay healthy and monitor everything going on within their closed off campus. The MLB created a bubble in Tampa in order to play their post season and was also successful in finishing their season. Many other leagues did similarly. The NFL is currently playing their season with frequent testing and limiting the exposure of everyone involved. Many other professional sports leagues around the world were able to continue their seasons safely. They created guidelines and protocols in order to ensure everyone’s safety. Fans around the world were ecstatic to be able to watch live sports again and are really enjoying it! 

This really shows the power of sports and how it will help us get through this pandemic together. People can see that they are taking the proper measures and setting a good example for others to follow. They are good role models for kids and adults because they are wearing masks, staying on top of their health, and being careful with exposure. These are the many reasons that it is incredible to have sports back!