The benefits of yoga

Talia Belsky


Once a week, all students are required to participate in gym class. Gym class consists of sport games and other activities. The reasoning behind it is to ensure that students will be active once a week. It’s not physically or mentally healthy to be sitting in a desk for so long- it makes focusing harder and leads to long term health issues like diabetes. A suggestion to be added to gym class is yoga and other wellness programs that I think will be very beneficial to the students and the school.


Yoga is all about focusing on the mind. Yoga relieves stress through different stretches. This is important because stress builds up through the day by going to different classes and work piling up. It can feel like it is all too much and like there is no end. A time that is dedicated towards clearing the head can be very beneficial. It will help students so that they don’t feel so overwhelmed the rest of the day. It will also be something to look forward to at the beginning of the day. In an environment where working hard is so important, it is essenti


al to have an outlet for stress. This wouldn’t be something competitive which is necessary for mental health. Yoga has many benefits because it not only clears the head, but is also exercise. 

Yoga helps improve flexibility and muscle movement. Yoga is a much more relaxing way to build muscle than playing games. When students are exhausted from a long week or a late night, it is very hard to build up enough energy for gym class. If it was a more chill class, like yoga, it is more effective for all students. The students who are less tired can do it on a more intense level than the more tired students. By pushing your body in ways that are not the norm, it improv

es flexibility and releases tight muscles from sitting. One more benefit is that not all people enjoy games with balls or intense sports games and will therefore detach themselves. They won’t try to play and therefore won’t be active and get the benefits of gym class. This is beneficial for those types of people because maybe they like yoga better.

Overall, yoga will benefit all kinds of students. It is good for the mental and physical health of students.