One Big Family

We really ARE all connected…. Mrs. Kaminetsky has a husband who works in DRS, like Mrs. Drebin who has an office, like Mrs. Pomerantz who has a relative in this school, like Rabbi Zak who works in the hub, like Mrs. Taylor who has an accent, like Dr. Khlar who loves math, like Mrs. Sider who sings, like Ms. Quinn who has curly hair, like Mrs. Parkoff who has kids in HAFTR like Mrs. Bernstein who has a baby, like Mrs. Braun who went to Colombia, like Mrs. Mezzi who taught her present colleague, like Mrs. Leibtag who is an OG, like Rabbi Eisenbach, who you can always find in the library, like Rabbi Rice whose first name is a biblical figure, like Rabbi Friedman who works in Morasha, like Aileen who uses a mic, like Rabbi Palokoff who went to Mesorah, like Rabbi Tannenbaum who lives in Queens, like Dr. Glatt who teaches judaic and general studies, like Mrs. Ash who is an SKA alumni, like Mrs. Kahn who is new to SKA, like Mrs. Spiegel who has bangs, like Mrs. Chafetz who dresses fancy, like Mrs. Rosenfeld who is amazing at science, like Mr. Chavesta who is a male teacher, like Andre who’s techy, like Mrs. Watman who has twins, like Mr. Hurst who is the softball coach, like Mrs. Goldfeder who loves basketball, like Lisa who is always there to help a girl out, like Mrs. Fishman who lives on the third floor, like Rabbi Sanders who was not born Jewish, like Enrique who knows all of the girl’s names, like Ms. Flaumenhaft who is an “out of towner,” like Mrs. Kranzler who is a GLA, like Mrs. Ralbag whose husband’s a rabbi, like Morah Rikki who is Israeli, like Mrs. Bennun who has a daughter in SKA, like Dr. Kimmel who lives in Hewlett, just like us!