SKA’s New Bell Schedule

Jenny Lifshitz

This year, SKA has made many new changes to its bell schedule, with both positive and negative results. For example, many students love early dismissal on Wednesdays, but dislike shorter lunch. The freshmen didn’t know SKA before its “new bell schedule,” but the older grades have a lot to say on what has been going on. 

SKA wants to hear your opinion on the matter, which is why I interviewed students all around the school to hear what they have to say. Their thoughts on this topic were very diverse, displaying the many aspects of the schedule change. 


In Their Own Words:


As a whole

“At first I didn’t like it so much, but I’m starting to adjust better.”

-Orli Flug, ‘22


“I like what we have now as opposed to the beginning of the year.”

-Lili Paritzky, ‘22


“They keep changing it: how am I supposed to find my classroom?”

Anonymous Junior


Longer periods

“It’s hard to sit still for 45 minutes and then walk to the next class.”

-Anonymous Sophomore


Fewer periods

“I like that the periods are longer because although they create longer periods which could be tedious, it also takes away the classes that were unnecessary and taking up brain space.”

-Atara Sicklick, ‘22

Shorter lunch

“I remember last year when we still had the time to go to Dunkin during lunch. This year, halfway to Dunkin, me and my friends had to turn around and come back to SKA since we realized we did not have a lunch period long enough to walk there. It’s only a few minutes shorter, but every minute counts.”

-Ayelet Teitelbaum, ‘21


Early dismissal

“I love getting out at 4:30 on Wednesdays.”

-Michal Hammer, ‘21


Advisory schedule

“Tuesdays feel like forever.”

-Avigael Auber, ‘22


Longer breaks

“Longer breaks are amazing. It’s the perfect amount of time to hang out with friends, meet with teachers, or do whatever you need to get done.”

-Anonymous Junior


No more clubs

“I would have liked to still have clubs.”

-Anonymous Senior


An extensive poll showed that 44% of students prefer the old schedule, 29% prefer the new schedule, and 27% hold no preference. The poll was taken on sophomores, juniors, and seniors alike.

So, now you know what the students think of this controversial bell schedule that has either plagued or saved SKA. Do you think that there is anything the school can do so that everyone can win?