All Around SKA: Through the Eyes of the Freshmen


In SKA there are many opportunities to be really involved with the school. When people think of freshmen, they might think that they don’t have as many opportunities as everyone else in the school since they have just entered the school.

This is not the case.

That’s actually the opposite of what goes on in SKA. In fact, freshmen are very much encouraged to be involved in sports and academic teams, clubs, committees and production. All of these teams are great ways to branch out and meet new girls in different grades. For the freshmen, meeting older girls can help the process of settling into school. By becoming friends with girls in older grades, it lets the freshmen know that they have someone to talk to if they have a problem or if they are in need of some guidance. Production is just one opportunity in SKA that allows freshmen to get involved and really become part of the SKA family.

Production also has many different acts you can participate in, making sure that every girl feels comfortable and can be a part of something that really fits her. For example, a freshman can be put with a girl in 11th grade and they can become friends with one another. The 11th grade girl might see that the freshman is struggling with math and will maybe offer to share her old notes with her new freshman friend.

Another opportunity that freshmen have is being on a sports team. Freshmen can really bond with older girls when they’re on the same team. Especially since for most of the sports teams in SKA, you are on it for the next four years of your high school experience which really gives you a chance to build close friendships during your time on the team that can hopefully last a lifetime. Coming in as a freshman might be really scary at first, but with SKA’s help, it’s very easy to belong.