Featuring Neima Inslicht


Meet Neima Inslicht, a senior who has recently finished her portfolio for AP Studio art! Neima has loved Art Academy from day one and continues to love it today. She appreciates the balance of structure and guidance, while still being able to have creative freedom. “It’s the one time in the day where I get to just sit and draw!” she says. Especially with everything being online today, Neima respects being able to have a tangible piece that she created.

One of Neima’s favorite pieces that she has ever created is her painting of the Israeli shuk. “I actually remember taking the reference photo for this painting. I was walking with my family in the shuk on a rainy Friday afternoon and I thought to myself, ‘This would make a cool painting.’” Neima gave the piece an impressionistic look. It adds to the feeling of the rainy day. All of Neima’s paintings are beautiful and creative. Check them in the slideshow below!