A Kiddush Hashem Australia Will Never Forget


Crowded Sydney airport due to added security after thwarted terror attack.

The Israeli Defense Forces are known for their bravery and strength in fighting for their blooming country. They aren’t only known for their bravery and help towards their own country, but also towards other countries all over the world. On Wednesday, February 21, the IDF revealed that the Military Intelligence Unit 8200 saved hundreds of passengers from a terror attack by a well known terrorist group: ISIS. The soldiers’ intelligence and strength led them to save all the innocent passengers flying on the flight from Australia to Dubai in August.

In August, the two men caught were presumed to have been trying to put an explosive device on an Etihad Airways flight in a plan conducted by Islamic State. Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner Michael Phelan said, “This is one of the most sophisticated plots that has ever been attempted on Australian soil. If it hadn’t been for the great work of our intelligence agencies and law enforcement over a very quick period of time, then we could well have a catastrophic event in this country.” Australian authorities said that when the first attack failed, the suspects arranged to release extremely toxic hydrogen sulfide gas to poison the people.

One of the senior IDF officers said, “The unit provided exclusive intelligence that led to the prevention of an air attack by the Islamic State in 2017 in Australia.” The officer continued by saying praise of this great unit by adding, “The foiling of the attack saved dozens of innocent lives and proved Unit 8200’s position as a major player in the intelligence fight against the Islamic State.”

Unit 8200, Israeli Intelligence Corps Unit

After the incredible revelation Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his thanks towards the soldiers by saying, “Thank you to the Israeli intelligence services. We revealed today that the security agencies prevented the shooting down of an Australian airliner. This is just one of the dozens of terrorist attacks that we have stopped around the world. [The intelligence services] deserve all the support we can give, not only for protecting the citizens of Israel, but for protecting people all over the world.”

Unit 8200 is the largest unit in the IDF. And it is the second to largest national security agency in the entire world, after the United States. Netanyahu prided his country by saying, “The United States is 42 times larger than the State of Israel. Its NSA [National Security Agency] is not 42 times the size of Israel’s NSA, it’s not even 10 times the size.