A Year In Review


2017 has been a year like no other. Unpredictable events, such as the inauguration of President Donald Trump and the various natural disasters we’ve endured, portray only the slightest bits of bizarreness that have labeled 2017 “one of a kind.” This year has introduced rare, devastating and exciting events. Only a few are necessary, though, to articulate the strangeness of the past 365 days.

On January 20, as mentioned, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, capping off his strange rise to power, which was viewed as simply impossible just months earlier. As a former businessman and self-made millionaire, Trump made several promises at his inauguration that differentiated him from the preceding political presidents. The President’s odd style of leadership paved a path for the upcoming year.

In the sports world, the Clemson Tigers defeated the “unbeatable” Alabama Crimson Tide in the College Football National Championship off a last-second touchdown to take the lead. Clemson ended Alabama’s dynasty run, which consisted of a 26 game win streak dating back to last season, including a championship win along the way.

Just a little under a month later, the New England Patriots completed a miracle comeback to defeat the Atlanta Falcons in overtime of Super Bowl 51. The largest comeback in Super Bowl history was previously ten points. New England overcame a 25 point deficit in just half a game, cementing this year’s Super Bowl as one that will never be forgotten.

In other sports championships, the Pittsburgh Penguins hoisted the Stanley Cup for the second year in a row. The Golden State Warriors captured their third championship in the past four seasons. Finally, the Houston Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers to win their first World Series in franchise history. The Astros win meant more than just a trophy, as Hurricane Harvey had devastated the city of Houston just 9 weeks earlier. The World Series title offered a great pick-me-up for the citizens of Texas.

Harvey was the costliest tropical cyclone on record, costing nearly $200 billion dollars in damage. Harvey was only one of the numerous natural disasters to strike in 2017. Hurricanes Maria and Irma devastated the Dominican Republic, Caribbean and United States. Then, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake shook Mexico, killing over 200 people. From hurricanes to flooding, to earthquakes and landslides, 2017 has seen it all.

While the year has brought waves of natural devastations, nature presented us with a special moment. On August 21, the United States welcomed a total solar eclipse visible within a band stretching from the Pacific to Atlantic coasts. The route of totality passed through 14 states, leaving the rest of America with a view of a partial eclipse. Many people paused to view the temporary blockage of the sun, allowing for a brief detachment from their daily routines – and providing an unforgettable moment.

The past year has also introduced new inventions and discoveries that have helped push humankind further than ever before. Scientists have finally successfully edited out a dangerous mutation in human embryos using a tool called Crispr, a DNA-editing technology. Also, there have been advances in space travel, like the launching of SpaceX Falcon 9, the first orbital class rocket capable of reflight, which is more cost efficient than ever before. And lastly, latest smartphones like the IPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S8 feature face identification, dazzling screens, longer battery life, and greater cameras.

Through thick and thin, 2017 may seem like an overall chaotic year. Yet the past 365 days have indisputably provided optimism to the human race. The hardships people have overcome have taught us to be able to find the light through the biggest of adversities. A dramatic year indeed, but when looking back – know that 2017 has only moved us further into the future and trained us for yet another upcoming trek in the year of 2018.