Dear SKAbby: The Right Track

Dear SKAbby: The Right Track

I’m in a challenging Hebrew track and I’m not doing well. However, I really love the teachers and I enjoy the class and I really don’t want to switch out. What should I do?


Here’s the thing. You have to ask yourself a question. What matters more to you: your GPA or how much you enjoy the class? I’m also having a hard time in one of my favorite classes. This is especially hard for me because I have been looking forward to this class for almost a year and a half. What we both need to do is to decide what is more important, and even further, whether or not you’re willing to go through a hard year and a little extra stress and hard work in order to learn with a teacher that you really enjoy. It’s a lot harder than it sounds — trust me, I know, but the best advice I can offer for now is to talk to your teachers. See what they think you should do. And if you switch, it’s not the end of the world. Maybe set up a chavrusa type of thing with the teachers you like. And if you stay, best of luck and keep working hard!!

Best of luck!