Dear SKAbby: Skirting SKAndal


Hey SKAbby! What should I do?? I keep getting skirted even though I think my skirts are long enough. Help!!!!


I totally hear your issue. In my freshman year I was skirted even though I totally thought my skirt was fine. It took me time to realize it wasn’t alwyas. My advice to you is to look at your skirts in the mirror before school. Do they cover your knees? Are your knees covered when you sit? What about when you walk up and down the stairs? If the answer is no, there’s your answer. Just wear a longer skirt to school. And watch out for those times when you think it’s long enough but the skirt rides up on you! But since you aren’t understanding why you are getting skirted even when your skirts do seem long enough, you might need some different advice too. Avoid the teachers who skirt students, make sure your skirt is long when you’re passing the front desk and when you’re paying a visit to Joyce’s office (not for skirting reasons of course ;)) and maybe keep a long skirt in your locker, just in case.

Best of luck!