Chanukah, Chessed and Beyond


Chanukah is about establishing ourselves as a nation and knowing what our morals are. We were saved from the Greeks because we held onto our values and didn’t fall to a low level. Nowadays the world around us is constantly calling to our physicality and trying to pull us down. It’s important to understand what Chanukah is all about, that it’s not just about getting a new phone or computer, but rather it’s about growing and becoming a better person.

“Ma’alin B’kodesh v’lo moridin.” We follow Beit Hillel and add a candle each night instead of Beit Shamei which said to start with more candles and decrease. We do this because we show that we want to go up in Kedusha, however we can only take on a little at a time – “one candle at a time.”  If one takes on too much, it’s very hard to stick to it.

On Chanukah we show it’s all in Hashem’s hands; it could not have happened without a miracle. This Chanukah at SKA, there was an incredible amount planned for spiritual growth. Letters were written to children in the hospital during the grade Chanukah parties at teachers’ homes. The ninth grade had a chanukah party with Otsar. Otsar is an organization for older special needs people. The twelfth grade went to Gymnasia in Queens where the children are not as observant of Mitzvot at home and went to show them the beauty of Judaism. There was also an incredible amount of Torah growth throughout Chanukah. One day of Chanukah was called “Chanukah across the Curriculum.” Every single class was connected to Chanukah and students were able to see how deep Chanukah is. The Chessed continued on right after Chanukah when children from Kulanu had vacation and came to Lev Chana so they could be in a Jewish environment. For the entire week, SKA girls worked one on one with these children. Students in SKA love it when the children from Kulanu come. Students at SKA have taken what they gained from Chanukah and used it to grow and help others!