Women Athletes Playing “Men’s Sports” – A Culture of Inequality

Yael Cinamon, Sports Editor

Pictured: Alex Morgan, American Soccer Player

Sports are one of the greatest hobbies of Americans. Unfortunately, in American society, sports have encouraged a big separation between males and females.

Gender inequality is seen everywhere, especially in women’s athletics, as made clear by the media, pay, and the Olympics. Society is constantly presented with newspapers, magazines, tweets and facebook posts that highlight the inequality between men and women athletes.

According to the law, men and women are equal.

The media fails to portray women in sports as strong, skilled, and capable (even though they portray male athletes like this). Rather, social media depicts women as ornaments.

In some parts of the Olympics, women still are not able to compete, such as the Nordic Combined. The Nordic Combined is a winter sport where athletes compete in cross country skiing and ski jumping. For more than 15 years, women have been petitioning in order to compete in the Nordic Combined and they are annually told “no.”

Only 22.6% of the International Olympic Committee are women. Female athletes are also paid significantly less than male athletes are. The highest-paid male athlete makes 10.1 times as much as the highest-paid female athlete.

As women, it is our job to put an end to this!