All Around SKA: New Yachad Opportunities with Tess Shubowitz

Tess Shubowitz’s account on integrating her summer experience to her life in school.


Tess Shubowitz is a junior at SKA. This past summer she had the privilege to go on the Yachad summer program Yad b’ Yad. Yad b’ Yad is a summer program that travels through Israel for four weeks. The program is directed towards mainstream high school students and participants who have disabilities. Tess loved the unique atmosphere that Yachad provides. Yachad’s goal of the summer is to spread inclusion that their participants can take home with them. Tess did just that. She decided to start a new club here at SKA that promotes inclusion around the school.

The Yachad club will bring awareness and sensitivity to the students and faculty about participants who have disabilities. This will be accomplished through sensitivity training for our students and inclusion of the Yachad members into our school events. In addition, the Yachad club will raise money for this organization by selling apparel, food, and organizing different events. There will be a speaker coming early in the month of November to promote Yachad’s fantastic goal of inclusion. Tess looks forward to seeing many students attending her Yachad club and bringing inclusion to our school. If anyone would like more information about this new club feel free to reach out to hear!